Russian Fedora

cообщество русскоязычных участников
международного проекта Fedora

CoreOS набирает народ в команду

Если кто пропустил, то CoreOS набирает людей:

CoreOS is hiring in a number of engineers that are passionate about infrastructure and open source software.

Distributed Systems- Help make distributed systems easy. You’ll be working on our open source projects, etcd and fleet. etcd is being widely adopted by many different projects, including Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry and Google's Kubernetes, but it is still a very early project and we need help.

OS- Writing a hobbiest kernel on the weekend? Contributed to Gentoo in 2005? Hacking on the core of CoreOS might right up your ally. The OS team is responsible for CoreOS itself, building, patching, and architecting the future of linux on the server. We work very closely with upstream, contributing patches to Linux itself, systemd, docker, and any other component that’ll make CoreOS more successful for our users.

Backend Web- Outside of building a new OS and a new distributed database (etcd), we are also building backend web services. If you have an interest in systems, but expertise in backend web development, please consider CoreOS. Our architecture is a Go based json/http API app server, coupled Angular on the frontend.

We are hiring for full-time in SF or NYC. If you are interested, please email our CEO directly with your resume or LinkedIn:комикс-длиннопост-песочница-1184446.jpeg

Хотел написать, но их почему-то интересует опыт разработки Gentoo